Play Free Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is an exciting variation of a typical single-player deck of card game, which is sometimes played with two decks of playing cards. Similar to conventional solitaire, the main objective of this game is to uncover or clear all of the cards from one deck before those in the second deck are exposed. The main difference between this variation of this popular card game and conventional solitaire is that the goal is not simply to expose as many cards as possible to the other deck.

play free spider solitaire

To begin playing Spider Solitaire, the first step is to discard all of your decks except for the deck containing the starting hand. Next, place the remaining deck in the center of your table and then choose a starting hand consisting of either four cards face up or seven cards face down. Your goal is to find all of the other players’ hands and expose them to the starting hand containing the starting card. In most games of Spider Solitaire, each player reveals the first few cards before passing the deck to the next player.

If you choose to play Spider with two players, shuffle the decks as usual, except that each player should have four cards face up. Place the remaining deck on top of the deck containing the starting cards, as well as a number of deck shuffling sponges. Start the game by shuffling the playing cards and flipping one card over. You then choose a starting hand consisting of three cards face up and the remaining card face down, revealing the first card from the deck.

The basic concept of Spider Solitaire involves using the three cards that are face up as your own deck in the same way that you would use a regular deck. For instance, if your starting hand consists of three face up cards, then you can use these three cards as your own deck by carefully exposing them to one another so that all players do the same thing. Each player in this type of Spider Solitaire game then has three options:

Each of these three possibilities allows you to expose the starting card to other players, but not all of these choices will expose you to a card if the chosen card is exposed in this manner. Therefore, there is no fixed rule about which option will expose the chosen card, and so this is where the variation becomes important. The basic rule is that if you have any more than two cards face up in your deck, then you must expose them all to the other deck in order to expose the one card and have the opportunity to expose the other card if that card.

To play free Spider Solitaire, you must be prepared for the fact that if someone else exposes the starting card, then the other player will expose the same card and the other player will expose the one you have left exposed. Therefore, you will want to reveal as many cards as possible so that all players expose as many cards as possible. The best strategy for this game is simply to expose as many cards as possible. If you are playing with two players, simply expose the starting card and expose the remaining card if you are lucky.